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About Us

Inspired by Asian designs and Indian motifs, tAnirika by Suhaag Garden exudes a crafty combination of floral art and jewelry design.  Designed for the new generation of modern brides and grooms, this couture floral jewelry is a great alternative to costume jewelry for those who want to make a bold statement.

Created by the team behind Suhaag Garden, a premier floral and event design firm, tAnirika embodies the graceful elegance and modern feel to which their clients are accustomed. With over six years experience in floral and event design, the team at Suhaag Garden works tirelessly to create and flawlessly manage elegant and unforgettable events. Born from a dedication to bring fresh, unique designs to the forefront, tAnirika builds on Suhaag Garden’s years of experience and attention to elegant style.    

Jilna Patel Jasani
CEO/Founder/Lead Designer

Inspired by art, fashion, and design, Jilna has developed a unique sense of style focused on fusing modern sensibilities with culture and tradition. Known for creating exquisite yet refined events, Jilna’s experience of 6 years in floral and event design, eye for detail, professionalism, and dedication to the client’s vision, clearly emanates from every project she has touched. Approaching every project with creativity and imagination, clients can be sure their special day will live forever in lasting memories.    

Bharti Patel
Creative/Art Director

With over 20 years of experience in Fashion Design, Art and Floral Design, Bharti is uniquely poised to create a new form of art in floral jewelry. Bharti has extensive experience in creating beautiful events that truly represent a couple’s personality and wishes. Bharti is actively engaged in the community, and many clients often see her at local South Asian events lending her expertise and assistance as needed. 

Jigar Jasani
Business Development/Project Manager

Guided by over 10 years in wealth management experience at notable firms, Citigroup and Merrill Lynch, Jigar manages the business aspects of Suhaag Garden and tAnirika. With a background in project management and finance, Jigar is uniquely poised to ensure Suhaag Garden and tAnirika keep pace with the event industry trends as well as client needs. Jigar stops at nothing to provide all clients with superior service ensuring their vision for a spectacular event is met. 

Versatile for any bridal style – casual, classic, vintage, romantic, or playful – tAnirika sets any bride apart.