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Capture timeless beauty with a hairpiece featuring phalaenopsis orchids, berries and stone embellishments. Play up your femininity with orchid-studded earrings and an elegant orchid ring. Beautiful pendants, stones, berries, and spray roses come together in a necklace made for the classic bride.


Understated but elegant, this collection is made entirely of floral elements. The necklace creates a statement with a luscious band of berries accentuated with bright stock. An elongated hairpiece prominently features stock against a background of berries and green foliage.


This delicate and romantic ensemble features purple phalaenopsis orchids. A strand of pearls flowing from a diamond-studded pendant is interspersed with vibrant orchids to create a breathtaking back piece. Coordinating earrings, ring, and hairpiece complete the look for any fashion-forward bride.


This eccentric collection features a hairpiece of roses and dangling berries. Vivid roses and berries surround a stone-studded pendant in an elegant necklace that makes heads turn. Complimenting the look are earrings where a single rose teardrop dangles above the Berries.


Fall in love with this whimsical collection featuring pale craspedia, berries, pendants, and semi-precious stones. These jewels mimic a garland-like necklace, traditional headpiece, and simple armband. Complete the look with a waistlet of berries and semi-precious stones.


This trendy collection features florals, berries, and brunia. A bright red floral punctuates a single strand of brunia. The necklace elegantly combines strands of roses and berries with a floral pendant. A simple strand of berries and two teardrop roses make up the waistband.


This glamorous collection exudes an exotic and colorful look. A hairpiece of berries, roses, and craspedia inspires beauty as it glides down the braid. Coordinating hoop earrings and necklace feature florals and berries in hues of yellow and orange completing the bold look.


Accentuate any look with this stunning headpiece and armband. Three separate strands of vibrant red berries come together with an abstract pendant to create a dazzling headpiece. The armband features red berries and gold medallions, which elegantly snake up the arm making a bold statement.


Vivid green hues blend together to make a bold statement. Three strands of berries attached to a stone-studded clasp create a simple waistlet. The coordinating headpiece, necklace, and armband feature green berries studded with golden and emerald semi-precious stones.


This simple, yet vibrant collection includes coordinating teardrop earrings, simple headpiece, and luscious hairpiece featuring swirls of white florals, peach and fuchsia roses, and green stones. The dramatic ring creates a statement with a single rose against a circle of silver brunia dotted with green stones.


Be the star of the show in this bold bridal ensemble. The headpiece is a gold, stone-studded pendant and single strand of berries. The coordinating bracelet is a coil of green and red berries. The bold necklace features strands of berries accentuated by stones and a dangling pearl-studded pendant.


Embrace your feminine side with this graceful collection featuring hues of coral and peach roses. A gold, stone-studded pendant dangles on the end of roses and a single orchid in the hairpiece. The versatile necklace features a single, garland-like strand of roses accentuated with orchids.


Exude youth with dainty fuschia floral earrings and a hairpiece of green berries and blue stones. Complete this fresh look with a floral scarf featuring multiple strands of pearls and green berries accentuated at the shoulder and hip with swatches of multi-colored florals.


Embrace luxury with this opulent collection. Strands of luscious green berries are punctuated with vibrant red roses in both the hairpiece and dangling earrings. Striking gold and stone-studded pendants combine with red roses and berries in the necklace and armband to complete this lavish ensemble.